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"We were referred to Cal West by a dear friend. I can't stop sending referrals to this place. They are all friendly and treat our 2 dogs like they really care. The first time we went in they spent over an hour talking with us and looked at every inch of our dogs. They were very thorough and we feel really good going there.The entire staff is great!"


-Diane S.

"I took my Dad's cat to this vet right after my Dad died. They were all so wonderful. They treated us humans and our cat with such compassion and seemed to really care. They are by far the best veterinarian and staff I've ever dealt with. My Dad's cat ended up loosing and eye due to an infection. However they did everything humanly possible to keep his eye and made sure he was comfortable and out of danger of any infection returning before he returned home. They kept him a few days while he was recovering. After he returned home they rechecked him often to ensure he was okay. They are wonderful and reasonable in price. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

-Pamalee W.

"Best vet hospital we have ever taken our dogs to! We have three dogs, and have taken them to different vets all over the state. Cal West has given us the best care of all! Dr. Jurberg has helped us figure out a number of our dogs' health mysteries (when other vets could not), and has also helped us with the routine stuff like shots. The Doctor takes as much time as you want to explain what's going on with your pet. Everyone who works here is compassionate and intelligent. The nurses and front office staff act like every animal is their favorite. Highly recommended!"

-Becky W.

"Cal West is the BOMB!!!! I can't say enough about these great people. I am a dog breeder and I have 5 dogs and 2 cats. They have taken care of everything for me and they don't think I am to crazy for being like a momma bear about all of my babies. I have an older dog that was just diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and their first thought was to get the dog out of pain. Now we are working on solving the problem. Dr. Bock is my favorite but really all of the doctors there are wonderful. So glad I found a great vet in the area."

-Lisa K.

"Cal West has been our primary vet for years and years. Just wanted to say thank you for the great care you have given to all of our cats and dogs. Just yesterday, we brought in our foster chi with an eye injury. Dr. Jurberg not only took care of her eye but also took the time to give her a thorough exam and found a few other things that needed attention. Thank you Cal-West vets and staff for everything. Highly recommend them."

-Joy P.

"I went to take my grandma's dog for a visit (he was limping and hasn't been eating well). The staff was very helpful and welcoming. The vet who assessed my grandma's dog clearly explained what may be wrong and gave us an estimate of the costs of the procedures that were going to be done."

-Jessica E.

Testimonials from our clients

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"I have been taking all my animals here to the best vet in the world Dr. kelly Palm. She graduated from Davis and she knows almost everything, if she does not she will find out. I have had to go to emergency vets in Sonoma and I take my pets all the way to Fairfield for her awesome expertise.She has saved many of my animals many times. I cannot imagine what we would do without not only her great sevice, but Cindy, MONICA Bobby, Sarah and everyone there love you all!!!!!!"

-Kim E.

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